Astrogalaxy Features
  • Customizable Memory Aimbot
  • Kernel Mouse Driver
  • Memory Protection and Fully External
  • Humanizer Aimbot and Responsive Triggerbot
  • Stream Proof Visuals
  • Optimized for Lan and Streaming
  • Cloud Configurations
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Customer Testimonials


Yesterday my college hosted a small lan/get together sorta thing and we played games like csgo, and other games. I managed to use fantasy cat while i was there, i know the cheats made for that but it was so cool actually using it at lan. Everyone thinks im really cool now because im "good" at csgo, and i just wanted to say thank you!


Humanizer: 10/10 Its the best legit aimbot i've ever used. I really like it. Its not shaky and its really smooth. You can change all weapon settings and change the way the aimbot works.


I recently bought this cheat (lifetime), and I couldn't be any happier! This cheat has ranked me up from MGE-LEM so fast! This is one of the best cheats out there right now, and for so cheap! I've purchased others cheats, and no other is like this.


At first glance fantasycat may look simple but it's all you're going to need. I have not once been called out for cheating and the aimbot remains very powerful yet very silent and assistant to your actual aim. This is the perfect cheat to give you the edge you need. In no time you'll feel like a pro. 10/10