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Redshift (Dota 2)

Invoker Script 脚本 作弊
Fully External - No AHK Script
Silent Background Usage. Very Minimal CPU Usage


  • 1 Key = 1 Invoke - Simply press 1 key and you can invoke an ability or a combination.
  • Combinations - You can choose any 2 spells to invoke by simply pressing 1 key.
  • Configuration - Ability to change your shortcut keys and add up to 10 different combinations.
  • Cheat Menu - Holding down a specific key will show you your current configuration, in case you forget.
  • Lightweight and Portable - This isn't an AHK Script. You can easily bring this to a LAN event.
  • Silent Loader - The cheat executes silently and runs silently in the background. Which is perfect for spectators.
  • Fully External + VAC Protection - This cheat does not modify/manipulate/open Dota 2 in any way. It's a single standalone code that runs in the background.