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  1. qBait

    My review after 2 days of being accepted

    Intro: Hello everyone! This is my review after 2 days of trying out the cheat. Day 1 for setting up and day 2 for testing. This is what I have experienced with the cheat so far. (thanks to @ilovepringles since I borrowed how he formatted his review because I am bad at formatting) Background: I...
  2. ilovepringles

    Fantasy.cat 5 Months Review Baby

    Intro: Hello everyone, hope you have a good day. I joined this community about 5 months ago and want to share my experience so far... I’ll try to be as objective as I can but I also have to mention right away that the moment I found this forum and watched some videos of this cheat in...
  3. MrRoger1

    1 Month Review

    This entire system and community is awesome. I have been using it for an entire month now and will be upgrading to the lifetime membership. It took me about a day of tinkering with the settings to get them how I like it and after that its been great ever since with no adjustments. I went from...
  4. ECB0612

    My Review after 1 month

    Today is my last day with fantasy.cat and im going to give my honest review about the cheat. Aimbot: 10/10 - Best Humanizer i have ever used. Visuals: 9/10 - Could have more visuals, but still pretty good. Misc: Dont really use misc functions. Skin Changer: 9/10 - Pretty Basic, but still...
  5. Life

    My review after few days

    I bought the cheat few days ago and i can say it's the best legit cheat you can ever use. 1- Aimbot (Humanizer): Aimbot is cheat's main feature as they call it "humanizer". It gives u a realistic assist. It sets your humanizer config automatically as it's showed in this video. 2- Visuals...
  6. Harrsn

    Honest Review | Read if you consider buying!

    An honest review of fantasy.cat My Experience I recently bought this cheat (lifetime), and I couldn't be any happier! This cheat has ranked me up from MGE-LEM so fast! This is one of the best cheats out there right now, and for so cheap! I've purchased others cheats, and no other is like...
  7. TWIXTORx123

    Humanizer OP!

    Too easy with fantasy.cat :'D I use only humanizer,skinchanger 11/10 Safe and easy to use! (My cfg in >share settings) https://fantasy.cat/forums/index.php?threads/share-settings.85/page-2#post-437
  8. VladJackobs

    Honest Review

    After one game of using this I have my opinion: ITS GOOD Yep, it has a bit of flaws, such as game crashes (No longer the case) but the rest is decent. I like it a lot, I feel as if the community is actually...