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My review after 2 days of being accepted


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Hello everyone!
This is my review after 2 days of trying out the cheat. Day 1 for setting up and day 2 for testing. This is what I have experienced with the cheat so far.
(thanks to @ilovepringles since I borrowed how he formatted his review because I am bad at formatting)

I have been playing CS:GO since 2015 when I got my first pc. Now I have played over 5000 hours and playing at a semi-pro level. Why would I cheat? I started cheating after my first account ever got VAC (i borrowed my friend a smurf that was linked with phone number and ofc he cheated...). After that ban, I began to cheat in periods. I joined small cheat communities and played mainly with wh. I love the feeling of being superior over my enemies. Earlier this month of writing I joined a semi-professional CS:GO team (i can still frag above them even without cheats) and will begin to attend lans. This means I would be in need cheat I can launch without anyone noticing.
I began researching the internet for any decently cheap cheats I could use for that purpose and came across fantasy.cat. I was a bit skeptical at first and decided to buy just one month and see if it was legit.

Buying process:
To get access to the cheat you'll have to be accepted, this is probably to limit the use of the cheat. I don't know what they base this off since you only have to give them your email, what country you are from and operating system.
I was one of the lucky ones that got in and getting the license key was also pretty fast.

The cheat itself:

The cheat is very hard to get used to if you have never used this kind of cheat before. Thankfully the community is very fast in the support thread and can quickly help you.
If it gets too hard to manage you can install plugins that will help navigate in the cheat e.g. a menu.

Aimbot (Humanizer):
The aimbot or humanizer as I will call it from now on is the main reason why I bought the cheat.
Day1: After some adjusting and testing on each weapon on day 1 I managed to make it look very legit and I thought it was ready to be tested.
Day 2: I had pracc with the team and played 3 scrims. I did only use the humanizer as i want to get used to it. I had many 1v1's and 1v2's where my whole team was spectating and never did they mention anything odd. Even my mate that I have cheated with before didn't mention anything after pracc. The enemy didn't say anything either.

Other features:
I have only used the glow beside the humanizer and it's decent but nothing special. Keep in mind that it's not for the wallhack you buy this cheat but the humanizer.
I used wallhack and the humanizer on my smurf and was dominating. The enemy team thought i just smurfing (which i was but also cheating, hehe). Of course, the wallhack is something i have to hide.

The forums and community:
This community is the best! People are serious in the threads and no trolls. You can get fast support if you are ever in need.
There are also community events every so often that you can participate in.
You can also find a lot of community-made plugins for the cheat.
When my first month is up I'm definitely gonna buy the lifetime edition.

The cheat is hard to learn to use but once you get used to it, it will be a little easier.
Things are hard to find e.g. commands for the console. I had to go into my application and follow 2 links before i find the post. After you are done setting up the cheat you won't need those commands anymore though.

In conclusion, the cheat is very easy to used once you get everything set up. It's the best cheat for if you want to play legit and not get caught.
The community is one of the best out there with no trolls and is very helpful when you need help.

Thanks for reading my review after 2 days of using the cheat. You won't regret buying this cheat if you want to play legit.
I currently love the cheat and its community. I want to get the FaceIt/VIP membership but since it is harder to get into I'll wait a bit before applying.


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