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Review after Approximately One year of use.

Aidan Funderburg

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So, to start things off I'm going to say what almost everyone else has said.


It is designed to look legit, so it seems like you are a damn good player. No AA, etc. This isn't a HvH cheat.

However. Astrogalaxy absolutely EXCELS at being what it is, hands down the greatest software out there when it comes to legit cheats.

The humanizer is a solid 10/10, as long as you don't fidget with it every round like some people do with some other cheats.

I don't use the walls anymore, but they were very well coded and worked just fine.

I've used it for approximately 1 year almost (Started Jan. 23 2019) and never been Vacced. I only got overwatched fairly recently because I was using a bhop script, and without paying attention was looking thru walls unconsciously. No one has ever called me out, and I even get some "nice shot" comments, and my teammates genuinely think I'm a god when I carry them.

Would I recommend Astrogalaxy and the Fantasy.Cat Suite as a whole? Most definitely, as long as you already have some knowledge of the game you are playing (Ex. God aim in CS generally implies you have good movement, know utility etc, makes it suspicious if you have amazing aim but shit movement and can't throw smokes/flashes)

TLDR; Absolutely amazing cheat. Would recommend to anyone looking for a private legit cheat for Lan/ESEA/FaceIt etc (Disclaimer: I have not used the FaceIt bypass/ESEA/FaceIt club, although I'd love too, the price per month is too high for me sadly)