is a private cheating community that aims to provide cheating solutions for serious competitive players.

These cheats are designed for strictly closet-cheating (LAN - Streaming - Tournaments)

Active Development cheat solutions are frequently updated, whether that be developer updates or updates from plugins provided by the community. There is always a project being worked on.


All the active cheats available are reliable and are currently safe from Anti-Cheat Software. Any actively provided cheat has not experienced a ban wave of any sort.

Software Development Kit

The fantasy.sdk allows any member to contribute to the community. Lua scripting is also available. Members can make their own plugins to enhance or change the behavior of a cheat.


Support is always available. This can come in resourceful forum threads or direct developer help. fantasy.sdk support is available for those who wish to contribute plugins but are not familiar with coding in C++ or Lua.

Community Driven has an active community that contributes to making the user experience better. There are active blog posts the developer invites members to, which grants the community the opportunity to assist in the direction of a project.

Kernel Focused cheats are kernel/ring0 based. All transactions are designed for maximum protection against any Anti-Cheat software. Custom developed software provided by allows quick installation and bypass of TESTSIGNING mode. This allows you to run the kernel driver without being halted by FACEIT, Easy Anti-Cheat, Battleye and other Anti-Cheat solutions.



Astrogalaxy is an undetected CSGO cheat. Astrogalaxy is specifically designed for LAN players, streamers and league players. This cheat grants over 30 different ways to customize your aimbot and features an automatic learning system.


Quasar is an undetected Team Fortress 2 cheat. This cheat is designed for specifically pub-stompers and league players. This cheat grants special focus to the general 6v6 format. 9v9 and 8v8 support is available.


Luminosity is an undetected cheat for Quake Live. This cheat is designed for specifically pub-stompers and tournament players. Luminosity is focused on granting serious Quake Live players a strong aim assist.


Stardew is a internal trainer / cheat for Stardew Valley. This bypasses server anti-cheats and allows you to do a handful of tasks.