1. HUGE Community Update, Astrogalaxy Update and Equinox Update

    New Community Guidelines Added! FACEIT/LAN Humanizer RCS Update! New Configuration System! New Language Support System!

    Read more information about this update here (click me)
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January 15th 2020 - Language Packs Available on SDK Plugins Panel!
You are now able to use the Language Packs submitted by Members by having Astrogalaxy automatically download them. See the SDK Panel here.
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January 6th 2020 - Humanizer test and configuration commands temporarily disabled for an upcoming update. Several fantasy.cmd commands from the Member's Panel have been modified. Please see here for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to the Members Panel and Private Forums?

When you purchase a license, you will be able to access the members panel by using the key you received. The first time you enter the panel, you will be prompted to enter your forum username and password. Your forum account will upgrade itself and automatically integrate with your fantasy.cat license. You will have instant access to the loader.

How do I gain access to the Report & Commend Bot?

Members are given free access to the report and commend bot. Regular members are given a token that they can use to commend bot their Steam account or report bot a target account. Lifetime Members are allowed unlimited uses of the bot.

What is this cheat best used for?

fantasy.cat is strictly an external kernel mode protected legit cheat and is intended for serious competitive players only. We do not have any interest in aesthetics or fancy features, as shown in older versions. The cheat is optimized for LAN usage as our silent loader allows you to run the software without being noticed. Read Testimonials for evidence behind users successfully using fantasy.cat at LAN events. Most of the visuals are stream proof, which invites streamers to closet cheat without causing disruptions on twitch.tv or other related streaming services.

Does fantasy.cat look obvious from another player's perspective?

No. By default, the humanizer / legitbot will smoothly pull towards your target. Even if you adjust the pull settings to the highest amount, the bot will adjust itself to make sure your aim look as realistic as possible. Spectators won't be able to tell you are using an aimbot.

How often do members get banned? Safety?

We haven't had any bans from members who avoided the ragebot features. Which is fine because this cheat was designed for legit play. Rather, a few members have used this cheat for boosting services and haven't come across an issue yet. During the late development stages, we've had testers successfully use fantasy.cat on FaceIT. The cheat loads silently and privately, giving you the ability to easily run this in a LAN environment. There is an unlikely chance fantasy.cat works on ESEA.

Are there installation instructions for the mouse driver?

There is a detailed PDF guide that comes with fantasy.cat. Installing the cheat will take only 5 minutes and includes only 3 steps. If you have any issues setting up the mouse driver, there are members on the forum who are always willing to help.

Do you support Windows 10?

Yes. There is a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 users who use fantasy.cat. This cheat has not been tested on earlier versions of Windows. As of recent, we have given Windows 8 users an opportunity to use the cheat. We do not support 32-bit Operating Systems anymore.

It says fantasy.cat uses Cloud Storage? Why?

The whole point of this project was to make a cheat that was private, secure and easily executed without a single trace. Dragging around a bunch of .ini files voids the whole point of that. Like it's mentioned on the purchase page: Run and the cheat is ready. Easy. Your settings are saved on our servers and you can load different configurations and share them within the community too!

Can I sell or trade my license?

No. It wouldn't be possible anyway. Your license is assigned to your computer only. If someone else were to use your license key, they wouldn't be able to use the cheat. Regardless, any sort of distribution of license keys will result in a license revoke.

Do I have to wait or pay for updated versions?

No. We are committed to actively working on this cheat. Updates happen frequently.

Are refunds possible?

We do not offer refunds. Even if you're banned from the forum, a refund will not be given. Be on your best behavior.