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Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about fantasy.cat?

fantasy.cat provides strictly internal and external kernel mode protected legit cheats that are intended for serious competitive players only. We do not have any interest in aesthetics or fancy features. If you're looking for cheats that are intended to make your game look pretty, then you should look elsewhere. fantasy.cat is a small and restricted community that grants members an opportunity to actually feel they're part of a community. We have been a community since early-mid 2018. Evidently, we are not interested in becoming a massive provider or to compete against other providers. Our goal is to only have a wholesome family. Read Testimonials for evidence to how we've been able to achieve this over the past years.

How do I gain access to the members panel and private forums?

When you apply for membership and purchase a license, you will be able to access the members panel by using the key you received. Once you are accepted, you will be given access to the private forums.

Nobody replied to my application after 24 hours. What do I do?

We have several people looking over applications during the day. We don't overlook applications. Simply put: You were denied. You cannot reapply. Don't waste your time trying to convince us to let you in once you were denied. Asking for a specific reason will not change anything nor will your questions be answered. Common reasons people get denied include:

- Failing to follow directions.
- Rushing administrators or moderators.
- Applying on a proxy/VPN service or on mobile.

These are not all the possible reasons. We don't ask for you to be bubbly or pretend you're a talkactive person either. Fill out an application like a normal person and go through the process.

What is the detection rate? Last time fantasy.cat was detected?

As of right now, none of the available fantasy.cat cheats have ever been detected.

What are SDK plugins?

Several fantasy.cat cheats allow you to run Lua scripts. However, you are able to take it to the next level by making plugins that work with certain cheats. For example: With Astrogalaxy (our CS:GO cheat), you can code your own menu in C++ and implement it. You can create internal plugins or external plugins. Something like this (click me) is not part of Astrogalaxy, but it uses Astrogalaxy to perform this. If you don't know C++, that's okay. We have a forum that's dedicated to troubleshooting and learning how to use the SDK. We're not selfish with knowledge and we are always willing to help others learn how to code.

What's the installation process like?

There are multiple guides that will help you get started with fantasy.cat. We have made our own installer that is specifically designed to do all the work for you. If you come across a problem, the installation guide will direct you on what to do. All you have to do is read and follow directions.

How active is the developer? How often are updates?

The developer is always active in the community. See the cheats page to check the last time a specific product was updated. The page is automatically updated. Some software do not need updates as frequent as other software. When updates come through, they are announced on the forum and are shown to the member running the software. Updates are automatically done. Updates usually include patches or feature changes.

What anticheats does software X bypass?

Every cheat software bypasses VAC. This is on top of the fact these cheats work at a security level that is not accessible by VAC. Client-side anticheats that you are familiar with are bypassed for VIP membership only, which requires Lifetime Membership first. We also provide a HWID Changer in the case you were banned from a client-side anticheat service. Our HWID Changer has successfully helped members bypass a FACEIT and ESEA ban.

Do you support Windows 7/8/8.1/10?

Yes. All of them.

Are refunds possible?

We do not offer refunds. Even if you're banned from the forum, a refund will not be given. Be on your best behavior.