1. fantasy.quasar (TF2) - Huge Update + Purchase Changes

    (GIF may not represent active version because the cheat is constantly being updated. See full list of features here (click me)

    fantasy.quasar is now available for General Membership. General Members now have access to Astrogalaxy (CS:GO), Quasar (TF2) and the SDK.

    Read more information about this update here (click me). Apply for membership here (click me).
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  2. SDK Members Panel (Beta) Released

    Read more information about this new panel here (click me)
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August 19th 2019 - HUGE Quasar Update
fantasy.quasar (TF2) has received a new update, including new features and many fixes. Read more about this information here.
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October 16th 2019 - NEW Counter Strike 1.6 Cheat
Beta version of the new Counter Strike 1.6 cheat (fantasy.umbra) is now available for only Lifetime Members. Lifetime Members, please see here for information.

Features (Astrogalaxy LAN)

Personalized Custom Build and Fully External
Discreet Kernel Protection for BYOC LAN Events
Easily transportable and designed for serious competitive players

Humanizer Aimbot
The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.

We have members who have successfully used fantasy.cat on LAN environments. This includes both BYOC and non-BYOC LAN events. Read our testimonials here.

  • Automatic Aimbot Configuration: Humanizer settings changer based on your personal mouse sensitivity, reaction time and other related algorithm
  • Memory Aimbot: Fully external and protected memory aimbot to ensure safety to your account(s)
  • Smoothing: Aimbot smoothing to make it look like legit mouse movements
  • Recoil Compensation System: Will turn your spraying into perfection
  • Adjustable Precision System: Humanizer will adjust to a target based on their ping, your FPS and other conditions
  • Aimspot: Choose any or a specific body part which you want the aimbot to focus on
  • Aimkey: Choose your favorite key which you can enable the aimbot with
  • Curving: Make your aim appear more realistic and natural ingame. Excellent security feature when being reviewed through an overwatch demo
  • Verifications: The aimbot will understand not to aim when you’re flashed, behind a smoke or jumping
  • Constant Aim for Pistols: Excel in pistols rounds with an aim assist to help you 1-tap or battle strafers
  • Constant Aim for Snipers: Strong aim assist that helps center your sniper shots for perfect accuracy
  • Panic FOV: Adjust your humanizer's FOV for certain conditions where your settings may not be ideal
  • Customization: You can edit the settings of a group of weapons or all weapons
  • Triggerbot: Automatically fire shots at the perfect time
  • Triggerbot Sleep: Adjustable sleeping intervals to fire faster or slower