• HUGE Community Update, Astrogalaxy Update and Equinox Update

    New Community Guidelines Added! FACEIT/LAN Humanizer RCS Update! New Configuration System! New Language Support System!

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Equinox Features

Kernel Protection & Kernel Driver Included
Extremely Smooth Knife and Skin Changer
Silent Background Usage. Very Minimal CPU Usage


  • Skin Changer - Change the skins on ALL of your weapons. New skins are available and render smoothly.
  • Knife Changer - Smoothly rotate through all available knives and mix the knife with any paint or seed combination.
  • Glove Changer - Change the gloves on your character model.
  • Team Customization - Customize your knife/skin/gloves depending on the team you are on. No limitation to one skin per weapon/knife.
  • Profile System - Load an unlimited amount of skin changer profiles that you can customize for a specific theme.
  • Profile Sharing - Ability to share and download profiles from the community.
  • CPU/Low-End Friendly - This skin changer uses little-to-no CPU usage. It works very silently in the background. No need to worry if your game is going to render any differently than before.
  • Compatibility - Designed to work side-by-side with any other fantasy.cat cheats or any other cheats used by other providers.
  • Ingame Command System - Access to up to 15+ different commands that will allow you to unleash your potential of customization.