1. fantasy.quasar (TF2) - Huge Update + Purchase Changes

    (GIF may not represent active version because the cheat is constantly being updated. See full list of features here (click me)

    fantasy.quasar is now available for General Membership. General Members now have access to Astrogalaxy (CS:GO), Quasar (TF2) and the SDK.

    Read more information about this update here (click me). Apply for membership here (click me).
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  2. SDK Members Panel (Beta) Released

    Read more information about this new panel here (click me)
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August 19th 2019 - HUGE Quasar Update
fantasy.quasar (TF2) has received a new update, including new features and many fixes. Read more about this information here.
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October 16th 2019 - NEW Counter Strike 1.6 Cheat
Beta version of the new Counter Strike 1.6 cheat (fantasy.umbra) is now available for only Lifetime Members. Lifetime Members, please see here for information.

Poke (PokeCord)

Lazy and Simple Power Level Farmer
Does NOT Require Your Discord Token or Other Information
Fully External

This bot is intended to be used as a Power Level AFK Bot Farmer. You can run this bot on a Laptop or another device while you use your main computer. Several fantasy.cat members run this bot whenever they are AFK or running errands.
  • Auto p!daily Claimer: Automatically claim your daily coins after voting for the bot on top.gg. Easy way to farm money.
  • Smart Farming: This bot avoids Discord's anti-spam feature and several Discord bots. This will allow you to use the bot without worry.
  • Auto Queue: You are able to queue multiple Pokemon at the same time. Meaning, once 1 Pokemon is power leveled, the bot will intelligently jump to the next Pokemon in the queue.
  • Customization: Ability to customize start/stop keys, typing speed, p!info checking and queue speed.