• In effort to keep the community small and reserved, fantasy.cat is no longer accepting new applications.

Protogalaxy Features

All members automatically get their own unique private build
Kernel Protection & Mouse Driver Included (PatchGuard Disabled)
Intended for Legit Hacking. 0 Bans on Record.

Humanizer Aimbot
The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.

We have members who have easily made it to Global Elite and safely used the aimbot on stream. Read more of our testimonials here.

  • Automatic Aimbot Configuration: Humanizer settings changer based on your personal mouse sensitivity, reaction time and other related algorithm.
  • Kernel Mouse Driver: Kernel protected mouse driver that works side-by-side with the humanizer to assist in player accuracy and grants anti-cheat protection.
  • Smoothing: Aimbot smoothing to make it look like legit mouse movements.
  • Recoil Compensation System: Will turn your spraying into perfection.
  • HSS: Humanizer Sembalance System: Grants an accuracy boost when aiming and firing towards enemies.
  • Aimspot: Choose any or a specific body part which you want the aimbot to focus on.
  • Aimkey: Choose your favorite key which you can enable the aimbot with.
  • Verifications: The aimbot will understand not to aim when you’re flashed, behind a smoke or jumping.
  • Constant Aim for Pistols: Excel in pistols rounds with an aim assist to help you 1-tap or battle strafers.
  • Constant Aim for Snipers: Strong aim assist that helps center your sniper shots for perfect accuracy.
  • Customization: You can edit the settings of a group of weapons or all weapons.
  • Triggerbot: Automatically fire shots at the perfect time.
  • Triggerbot Sleep: Adjustable sleeping intervals to fire faster or slower.

fantasy.cat offers a broad selection of customization for your visual settings. Our menu is stream proof and you can customize your ESP to look the way you want it to. Due to the cheat consistently being updated, not all features are listed below:

  • Full Stream Proof Visuals: All visual features besides those specified are not visible to viewers who watch your stream.
  • Box ESP: Draw a box around the target.
  • Skeleton ESP: Draw the skeleton of the target.
  • Sound ESP: Draw and target the location of an enemy player through steps.
  • Health & Armor: See the hitpoints and armor of your target.
  • Lines: See the direction your target as a line.
  • Tracers: See the direction your target is aiming at.
  • Recoil Crosshair: Accurately control your spray patterns with a visual representation.
  • Nade Prediction: Visible indicator to show where grenades will land.
  • FOV Crosshair: Know your limitations with the humanizer.
  • Defusing Notification: Adjust your gameplay to a notification on when a player is defusing.
  • Weapons: See the weapons of your target.
  • Radar Hack: Always show enemies on your radar, even when you can't see them. (Not Stream Proof)
  • Enemy and team glows: To see the enemies through walls like in spectator mode. (Not Stream Proof)
  • Dlights: Reveals the location of your target as a light below them.
  • Weapons Glow: Make dropped weapons and grenades visible. (Not Stream Proof)
  • Chams: Highlight players based on your preferred color scheme. Health chams included. (Not Stream Proof)
  • Team ESP: Keep track of your team by applying visuals on your companions
  • Spectator List: Want to know if somebody’s spectating you? Enable this.
  • FOV Changer: Get rid of CS:GO's horrible default FOV and adjust it to a comfortable view.
  • Mirrorcam: Pair of extra eyes behind your back when pressing a keybind.
  • Thirdperson: Forces thirdperson ingame.
  • Mirror Indicator: Pair of extra eyes behind your back as dots pointing towards the enemy.
  • Hitmarker & Hitsound: When you do damage to an enemy, you will be notified.
  • Bullet Beams: Visualize your shots with bullet beams.

The miscellaneous settings on fantasy.cat are extra features that are included with the cheat. Due to the cheat consistently being updated, not all features are listed below:

  • Report & Commend Bot: Membership and access to a report and commend bot provided by fantasy.cat.
  • Community Events: Being part of the community grants you the ability to participate in community events where you can earn free fantasy.tokens or license extensions.
  • Ingame Forum Notification System: Stay active in the community with ingame notifications on your unread messages or alerts.
  • Auto Accept: Queue accepting automated.
  • Rank Revealer: Make the enemy players' ranks visible.
  • Purchase & Damage Loggers: Make the enemy players' purchases and damage taken visible.
  • Skin Changer: Change the way your weapons look for both T and CT side.
  • Skin Seeds: Change the way your weapons' patterns' (i.e Case Hardened) look for both T and CT side.
  • Knife Changer: Change the way your knives look for both T and CT side.
  • Medal Changer: Change your visible medals in the in-game profile.
  • Inventory Changer: Include the changed skins, medals and knives in your inventory.
  • Night Mode: Make the in-game maps look as if it would be night time.
  • Sky box changer: Change the skybox to any skybox the game offers.
  • Bunnyhopping: Perfect bunnyhopping.
  • Auto-Strafe: Automatic strafing to make you bunnyhop faster and to jump further.
    • Backtracking: Grants a noticeable accuracy boost to shots towards a moving target.
      • Sound Filter: Mute your own movement sounds or mute everything related to your player.