Internal/External Cheat
Kernel Driver Protection
Designed for Competitive Players Only

Humanizer Aimbot
The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.

We have members who have successfully used fantasy.cat on LAN environments. This includes both BYOC and non-BYOC LAN events. Read our testimonials here.

  • Memory Aimbot: The humanizer is designed for kernel protection to ensure safety to your account(s)
  • Kernel Mouse Driver: Kernel protected mouse driver that works side-by-side with the humanizer to assist in player accuracy and grants anti-cheat protection
  • Smoothing: Aimbot smoothing to make it look like legit mouse movements
  • Curving: Make your aim appear more realistic and natural ingame. Excellent security feature when being reviewed through a replay or a spectator
  • Aimkey: Choose your favorite key which you can enable the aimbot with
  • Adjustable Precision System: Humanizer will adjust to a target based on their ping, your FPS and other conditions
  • Constant Aim: Have the humanizer constantly aim for players instead of relying on an aim key
  • Aim Lock: Ability to lock on to a target instead of having the humanizer smooth it's way to your target
  • Triggerbot: Automatically fire shots at the perfect time
  • Triggerbot Sniper System: Custom triggerbot system that is specifically designed for sniper players
  • Triggerbot Airshot System: Custom triggerbot system that is specifically designed for endif MGE players or those having issues landing accurate airshots
  • Projectile Prediction: Have the humanizer automatically adjust your aim to land projectiles
  • Huntsman Prediction: Have the humanizer automatically adjust your aim to land huntsman shots
  • Sniper Headshot Priority Mode: The humanizer will automatically prioritize headshots
  • Spy Headshot Priority Mode: The humanizer will automatically prioritize headshots with the Ambassador
  • Sniper FOV: Distinguish your sniper field of view settings for getting accurate shots
  • Blind Detonation: Automatically detonate any sticky traps when enemies are nearby
  • Humanizer Auto-Detonation: Auto-detonate sticky bombs while the humanizer is active. Good for crowd control and 1v1s
  • Silent Aim: Hide your aimbot from viewers on your stream or spectators
  • Auto-Airblast: As Pyro, automatically airblast any projectiles
  • Auto-Airblast Aimbot: When you use "Auto Airblast", it will aim the projectile back at a target
  • Auto-Airblast Silent Aimbot: Silent Aim version of "Auto-Airblast Aimbot"
  • Auto-Backstab: As Spy, automatically backstab a player when the opportunity is available
  • Auto-Disguise: As Spy, whenever you backstab an enemy, you automatically disguise as them

fantasy.cat offers a broad selection of customization for your visual settings. Our menu is stream proof and you can customize your ESP to look the way you want it to. Due to the cheat consistently being updated, not all features are listed below:

  • Box: Draw a distinguishable box around players
  • Health Meter: Indicate the health of an opposing player
  • Spy Counters: Draw whether someone is cloaked or is disguised from the opposing team
  • Player Information: Draw player name, class, current active weapon and if they are uber-charged
  • Object Focus: Ability to draw a box around health packs, ammo packs and objectives
  • Buildings: Draw where engineer buildings are
  • Sniper Counter: Draw whether a sniper is scoped in the case of a sniper battle
  • Projectile Prediction: Draws a prediction of where you should shoot your projectile to hit an enemy
  • Chams: Player, building, sticky, support and xqz chams are all available.
  • Color Customization: Ability to change the color of all visuals available.

Here are some several extra features available in Quasar:

  • sv_pure Bypass: Bypass a server's sv_pure restriction
  • Unlimited Configuration Loading/Saving: Ability to save and load an unlimited amount of configurations
  • Configuration Hopping: Ability to save and load a configuration by using function hotkeys

Videos (videos may not completely represent current version due to constant updates)