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January 15th 2020 - Language Packs Available on SDK Plugins Panel!
You are now able to use the Language Packs submitted by Members by having Astrogalaxy automatically download them. See the SDK Panel here.
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January 6th 2020 - Humanizer test and configuration commands temporarily disabled for an upcoming update. Several fantasy.cmd commands from the Member's Panel have been modified. Please see here for information.

Redshift (Dota 2)

Invoker Script 脚本 作弊
Fully External - No AHK Script
Silent Background Usage. Very Minimal CPU Usage


  • 1 Key = 1 Invoke - Simply press 1 key and you can invoke an ability or a combination.
  • Combinations - You can choose any 2 spells to invoke by simply pressing 1 key.
  • Configuration - Ability to change your shortcut keys and add up to 10 different combinations.
  • Cheat Menu - Holding down a specific key will show you your current configuration, in case you forget.
  • Lightweight and Portable - This isn't an AHK Script. You can easily bring this to a LAN event.
  • Silent Loader - The cheat executes silently and runs silently in the background. Which is perfect for spectators.
  • Fully External + VAC Protection - This cheat does not modify/manipulate/open Dota 2 in any way. It's a single standalone code that runs in the background.