Umbra (CS 1.6)

All members automatically get their own unique private build
Kernel Protection & Mouse Driver Included (PatchGuard Optional)
Intended for Legit Hacking. 0 Bans on Record. Optimized for LAN usage
Only purchase if: you're looking for a legit aimbot solution with heavy customization, streaming, boosting or LAN bypass

Humanizer Aimbot
The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.
  • Kernel Mouse Driver: Kernel protected mouse driver that works side-by-side with the humanizer to assist in player accuracy and grants anti-cheat protection
  • Smoothing: Aimbot smoothing to make it look like legit mouse movements
  • Recoil Compensation System: Will turn your spraying into perfection
  • Aimspot: Choose any or a specific body part which you want the aimbot to focus on
  • Aimkey: Choose your favorite key which you can enable the aimbot with
  • Verifications: The aimbot will understand not to aim when you’re flashed, behind a smoke or jumping
  • Shot Delay: Delay the humanizer's reaction before shooting.
  • Silent Aim: Hide your aimbot from viewers on your stream or spectators
  • Customization: You can edit the settings of a group of weapons or all weapons
  • Triggerbot: Automatically fire shots at the perfect time
  • Triggerbot RCS: The humanizer works side-by-side with the triggerbot, allowing RCS usage.

  • Box ESP: A simple box ESP that allows you to single out enemies.
  • Health ESP: Visualize the target's health.
  • Team ESP: Apply ESP features to teammates.
  • Color Customization: Ability to customize colors for enemy and team ESP features.