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Luminosity (Quake Live)

Fully External and Standalone
Easy Aimbot Solution

Luminosity is a very light aimbot solution for Quake Live.

  • Fully External: This cheat does not rely on modifying game data. This is ran as it's own executable.
  • Fully Standalone: This cheat does not perform anything abnormal (memory manipulation, hooking, etc) to Quake Live. It runs on it's own engine.
  • Aimbot: Simple aimbot. Like other aimbots, it pulls to the location. This setting are adjustable.
  • Triggerbot: This works like the humanizer's triggerbot in Astrogalaxy. The only difference is that this triggerbot shoots in intervals.
  • Adjustable Precision System: Humanizer will adjust to a target based on their ping, your FPS and other conditions.
  • fantasy.x: Like Astrogalaxy, this features the fantasy.x overlay. This is stream proof. There is a very simple menu as seen in the video.