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Moonlight (CS:GO/TF2/CSS)

Kernel Protection & Mouse Driver Included (No PatchGuard or TESTSIGNING Mode)
Advanced Customization through Lua Scripts (Complete Documentation & Developer Assistance)
Intended for closet cheating. 0 bans on record. Optimized to be played on your main account.
Only purchase if: you're looking for a closet aiming solution with heavy customization, streaming, boosting or LAN bypass

Overview (Comparison)
Moonlight is a direct upgrade from Astrogalaxy, which is an upgrade from Protogalaxy. It is also an upgrade from Quasar.

Moonlight is very dependent on Lua scripts. Features that are found in Astrogalaxy and Protogalaxy are not listed here because they are found inside community-made Lua scripts.

The Lua script module (referred as the SDK) has been built to allow anything to be possible except hooking CS:GO/TF2/CSS modules. Members have the ability to:
  • Update the cheat themselves in case it becomes outdated.
  • Customize their humanizer to their own liking.
  • Create complete feature frameworks (like aaio.lua, a script with 14 add-ons for the Humanizer).
  • Design their own menu or use someone else's menu.
  • Design their own ESP (streamproof but chams).
  • Have access to full documentation and direct developer assistance.
Moonlight is a CS:GO, TF2 and CSS cheat combined into one.

The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.

This is the internal and upgraded version of the discontinued and external/kernel Astrogalaxy cheat. Moonlight features faster modules, features and deeper customization.

  • 2 Humanizers in 1: There are TWO humanizers inside this cheat. These two humanizers interchangable and used under player preference.
  • Kernel Mouse Driver Humanizer: This humanizer directly communicates with the Kernel Mouse Driver; using your mouse settings for the algorithm.
  • Viewangles Humanizer: This humanizer simply sets Viewangles instead of using your mouse settings.
  • Event-Based Customization: Feel the algorithm is headshotting too often? Want to exclude a hitbox from the algorithm? Everything is customizable.
  • Adjustable Precision System: Humanizer will adjust to a target based on their ping, your FPS and other conditions.
  • 1 Tap Logic: The humanizer will know when you're in the proper situation to attempt a 1 tap headshot.
  • Anti-Lazy Aiming: The humanizer is an assist tool not an aimbot. It will not aim for you. It will assist your current aiming.
  • Constant Aim for Pistols: Excel in pistols rounds with an aim assist to help you 1-tap or battle strafers.
  • Constant Aim for Snipers: Strong aim assist that helps center your sniper shots for perfect accuracy.
  • Customization: You can edit the settings of a group of weapons or all weapons.
  • Smoothing: Designed to make the humanizer look like legit mouse movements.
  • Aimspot: Choose any or a specific body part which you want the aimbot to focus on.
  • Aim Key: Choose your favorite key which you can enable the aimbot with.
  • Curving: Make your aim appear more realistic and natural ingame. Excellent security feature when being reviewed through an overwatch demo.
  • More Features...: There are community made Lua scripts on the forum that include additional features to add to your humanizer. Examples include: