• In effort to keep the community small and reserved, fantasy.cat is no longer accepting new applications.
    Applications will be reopened in the near future.

    fantasy.cat members: Read this post (click me) for new information about upcoming cheats and future changes.

Important Application Template - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

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If you wish to gain access to fantasy.cat and the cheats provided, please fill out this form:

Operating System:
Email Address [PayPal Address if you're using PayPal as payment]:
How do you plan on paying? [PayPal/BTC/ETH]:
Additional Notes / Questions:


You will receive a response within 24 hours. If you are accepted, an invoice will be created and you will be given a license key. Once you have a license key, you are able to access the Member's Panel, integrate your forum account, download the loaders and install the cheats.

Membership Features ($55 - Lifetime Access):
  • Access to community forums
  • Full access to all available and exclusive fantasy.cat cheats
  • Ability to participate in community events and earn rewards
  • Ability to use and create plugins / features using fantasy.sdk
  • Ability to load .dll plugins from fantasy.sdk
  • Ability to apply for VIP Membership, allowing access to more private cheats.
  • Access to personal developer blog and administrator/moderator community discussions
  • Access to early beta features and free access to other upcoming fantasy.cat projects
  • Access to LAN builds
  • Access to Minecraft server that you can play on with your friends.
You can read our Testimonials here (click me).
You can view our list of cheats and features here (click me).
Frequently Asked Questions are answered here (click me).

We only support Windows 7 and higher. You must have a 64-bit system to use fantasy.cat. Messaging administrators/moderators about your application will either result in an automatic denial or a permanent community ban. If you are denied, you cannot reapply.

If you do not receive a response back within 24 hours, there is a very strong chance that you were denied.

To apply to fantasy.cat: Post a thread and apply here (click me)

Do not apply from a mobile device or a proxy or VPN services.
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