• Applications are now open for a short period of time. However, they will be closed on December 1st.
    Applications may unexpectedly close before this date. This is in effort to keep the community small and conserved.

Important Application Template - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

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If you wish to gain access to fantasy.cat and the cheats provided, please fill out this form:

Operating System:
Email Address [PayPal Address if you're using PayPal as payment]:
How do you plan on paying? [PayPal/BTC/ETH]:
Additional Notes / Questions:


Please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" (click me) before applying. You will receive a response within 24 hours. If not, you are likely denied.

Membership Features ($100 - Lifetime Access):
  • One-time payment package that includes 5+ heavily secure cheating software/tools. As of right now:
  • Security and multiple environment modes, such as Pure Mode.
    • LAN supported settings for fantasy.constellation, fantasy.astrogalaxy and fantasy.quasar. LAN builds also available for veteran members for free.
    • Settings designed for streamers (all cheats provide such except fantasy.redshift).
    • Boosting for Matchmaking. 2 members here provide boosting services from a professional site.
    • Legit and serious closet cheating. The purpose of fantasy.cat cheats is to appear to not be cheating even if someone is standing behind you.
    • fantasy.cat cheats are designed to be played on your main account.
  • Ability to apply to VIP which grants access to exclusively slotted software (see "Cheats & Status"). As of now:
    • 1 CS:GO cheat: fantasy.aurora (client-bypass & LAN solution).
    • 1 osu! cheat: fantasy.osu! (Mania and Standard).
    • 1 "cheat manager": fantasy.universe.
    • Ability to invite an unlimited amount of members to fantasy.cat, skipping the application process with a 50% discount.
    • Access to Leaks & Dumps that are not hosted on fantasy.cat. These dumps include updated Netflix accounts, Crunchyroll, etc...
    • Access to all veteran membership benefits.
    • VIP Shoutbox.
    • Shoutbox moderator.
    • Early access to new products.
  • Ability to receive veteran membership, which grants access to exclusively slotted software (see "Cheats & Status"). As of now:
    • 1 HWID changer: fantasy.blender.
    • 1 CS:GO cheat: fantasy.dawnlight (LAN only cheat)
    • 1 TF2 cheat: fantasy.dawnlight (LAN only cheat)
  • Community Status:
    • Small and conserved community. Everyone sticks together like a family. Members tend to have a habit of randomly doing giveaways just to be show love to one another.
    • This family mentality is mentioned in testimonials and is also seen when it comes to dealing with new toxic members. Toxic members tend to be removed but a very clear "stick together" moral code is in place here. Toxicity is not something that appears here unless a new member does something inappropriate.
    • Consistent updates and active development. I am always active in the community and there is always something being worked on.

You can read our Testimonials here (click me).
You can view our list of cheats and features here (click me).
Please read Frequently Asked Questions before applying here (click me).

We only support Windows 7 and Windows 10. We do not support Windows 11. You must have a 64-bit system to use fantasy.cat. Messaging administrators/moderators about your application will either result in an automatic denial or a permanent community ban. If you are denied, you cannot reapply.

If you do not receive a response back within 24 hours, there is a very strong chance that you were denied.

To apply to fantasy.cat: Post a thread and apply here (click me)
Do not apply from a mobile device or a proxy or VPN services.
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