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Fantasy.cat - Quasar Review


I would like to give my experience into using Quasar/TF2 Cheat/TF2 Gaming Chair/idk. A little background about me, I use to play Team Fortress 2 about like 6-7 years ago and I stopped due to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because of my friends. However, ever since I decided to start using Quasar and met some new friends that played Team Fortress 2, I've been having a blast! So this review is with 100% honesty/non-biased.

Humanizer - [10/10]
My experience in using Team Fortress 2's Humanizer was the same as Astrogalaxys Humanizer, I didn't even notice at all. I mean there were times where it was a bit hard to aim, but I believe that it was just me being garbage. However, the configuration menu given was so smooth I loved it. I used the Humanizer test again(btw if this is your first time reading, I highly recommend it!), I felt like I can just leave my settings the way they are and they're fine for the rest of the game.

[Core] - The main part of Humanizer was a bit confusing to me at the start, but it only took me 5 minutes to get the hang of it. My favorite part was using the "silent aim" module because due to the character's hitboxes and the characters themselves in Team Fortress 2, it makes it super freaking hard to shoot them or even land a shot. I'd say the only problem I have is the FOV for me since I don't know how big the FOV is on my screen.

[Triggerbot] - I have nothing to say besides this is an amazing feature with Silent Aim.

[TF2 Classes] - I love how customizable you're able to do to make your life easier with the classes. Like for example, "Auto-Backstab" works very well because since I usually mess up the timing by like a second, I never get the backstab. However, due to the Auto-Backstab. I've never gotten so many backstabs in Team Fortress 2.

Visuals - [8/10]
The visuals for Team Fortress 2, was easy to use since it's literally the same as Astrogalaxy/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, something I didn't like was how in Competitive the ESP doesn't show unless you're near your enemy. I wish there was like a bone esp, but that's just me personally I think.

Misc - [10/10]
The thing about the miscellaneous is that the features on Team Fortress 2 are already things you needed. For example, Spectator is amazing since you get to see who's spectating you and if someone is then you'll know to play a little safer, but the thing about that is, it's a bit glitched. I experienced that sometimes when a teammate is alive they'll still show up, which I gotta admit is a bit annoying. I don't use the others since I personally have no use for them.

My final conclusion on Quasar or Team Fortress 2 cheat is that in the beginning, I didn't know to run the loader after you've started the game. Having a menu was super helpful since I can quickly change configurations to see if I wanted to go Legit or Rage.

I would recommend this cheat to people if they need help with shooting, ESP on the other hand would have to depend on their personal preference.