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fantasy.cat review after 1 year


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Well today is my 1 year anniversary with fantasy.cat so thought it would be a good time to finally post a testimonial.

This is mostly regarding Astrogalaxy as I preferred it over moonlight.

Humanizer: I have used many types of Aimbots/Humanizers and nothing even comes close to the one that fantasy.cat provides. You have so many different customization options which can be a bit overwhelming but once you find the settings you like then you will never need anything else. 10/10

Visuals/Sound ESP: Esp/chams is one of the biggest giveaways in my opinion for when somebody is cheating, but with sound ESP it helps give you an idea of where the enemy is without making you accidently look at them through the wall. 10/10

Not much to say on the security except for that it is just perfect. This is the only cheat I feel safe with using on my main account without ever having to worry about receiving a VAC. My rating for this is 12/10

I am terrible at writing and not a man of many words so that's why this review is so short