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fantasy.cat review


Hey guys i wanted to make review of fantasy.cat because i am very happy that i bought it i rate the cheat 10/10. I waited for fantasy.cat to open for a while too because i saw videos on website and it seemed really good and i am so happy i got it now

I made it to Global Elite today after a long time in LE/LEM. Humanizer and visuals too really helped me to get better at the game! they help me with positioning and i think game sense little bit. Using humanizer helps me alot with spraying cause that is one of my weakness when playing csgo. Triggerbot when playing feels really good and it is very accurate i usually use it when holding something with the AWP.. using backtrack is so good when doing this.

Ragebot i do not use because that is not what i do when i play. Bunnyhopping is very fun too when playing games with friends xD. Rest of miscellanous settings are really good cause i like the expensive skins but i cant afford to buy those and with this i can have them.

I link picture of my rank in game now and i am so so so happy thank you very much fantasy.cat :D