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Lazy Astrogalaxy/Community review after 1 year of membership.


My, has it already been a complete year since I've joined? Sheesh.

I would like to preface this by saying I have not had a subscription for a complete year. I've had my account on this forum for a little over a year now and I figured now is more fitting than ever to type up a review. I'll try to keep this short and concise because I know how boring it is to read long drawn out reviews. So here goes.

Humanizer: 9/10
The humanizer is an absolute godsend. It's not like traditional aim assists where it aims for you. Literally everyone in the community has said this at some point quite literally because it's true. I've definitely felt that the humanizer has helped me improve my raw skill over the time i've used the humanizer (while not a silver > ge improvement, but still an improvement nonetheless). I knocked one point off because the sleep setting got removed :( i miss u humanizer sleep setting. I believe the lowered sleep time definitely fit my play style but if it has to go it has to go :(( I would definitely like to see it make a return in a more optimized state but i didn't mind the bugs all too much. Rest in peace anyways.

Visuals: I can't really comment on these too much.
From what I've seen they're really basic and should be just enough to give you an advantage, nothing too fancy though.

Triggerbot: 10/10
I don't really use triggerbot, actually, however I bound my triggerbot key to one of my mouse side buttons to help me line up pistol shots and it almost never lets me down.

SDK: ?/10
I find myself toying with the SDK every now and again but since I have no knowledge and am deathly afraid of asking people for coding help I always get frustrated with myself and leave it alone, but if you have coding experience you will really probably enjoy what the fantasy.cat SDK has to offer.

Community: 11/10
Fantasy.cat members and typedef alone go way above and beyond to make sure that fantasy.cat is an extremely welcoming community. I've witnessed about absolutely no toxicity whatsoever from ANY of the members and that's truly amazing considering that the cheating community in general tends to be extremely toxic. I couldn't ask to be part of a better community tbh.

Overall? 10/10.
If you're thinking about applying, please do so. You won't regret it. Unless, of course you're looking for a rage cheat, fancy visuals, useless features, or you're not serious about closet cheating as most of us are.


Do you have anything in mind that you'd want? I'm really excited to make something but I cannot think of anything
nade helper
basically will show nade spots, when you go to specific place in map, it will draw a dot where u should aim and write jump, run or just stand right next to it


Kool Kids Klan
nade helper
basically will show nade spots, when you go to specific place in map, it will draw a dot where u should aim and write jump, run or just stand right next to it
Idk I might try something but for me the already existing overlay plugins don't work as is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I haven't explored much into the sdk part of fantasy but i've read about plugins that interact with the game causing bans.