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Month 1/2 fantasy.cat Honest Review

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by dirty witch, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. dirty witch

    dirty witch Lifetime Members

    May 9, 2019
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    Soooooooooooo after a month and a half of being accepted, I finally had time to sit down and give my honest review. I have used Astrogalaxy, and some Quasar.

    Before I get into the specifics. here is my major observation from using the cheats:

    fantasy.cat has the best aimbot available on the market. There is no debating this. I am part of different cheating communities and have openly used other cheats. I've used alot of popular p2c and some unpopular p2c. fantasy.cat has the best one out there. They call it a "humanizer" instead.

    What makes this aimbot different is how flexible and responsive it is. It seems that everyone in this community has their own personal aimbot settings from their personal playstyle and sensitivity. I don't know what it is, but the humanizer adapts itself to your game style. It's perfect.

    Here is my overview about what fantasy.cat cheats are used for and what they are not used for:

    fantasy.cat cheats are good for:
    1. Boosting
    2. Streaming
    3. Security
    4. LAN Events
    5. Serious Competitive and Legit Play
    6. Hide Suspicion and Playing On Your Main Account
    7. True legit cheating
    8. Learning how to code (The SDK is genius and helpful)
    fantasy.cat cheats are bad for:
    1. Raging
    2. Aesthetics / Designing your game to look "cool" or "fancy"
    3. Being in a menu twenty times a game
    Astrogalaxy (9/10) - "The Cheat That Makes You Better":

    This seems to be the "main cheat" of fantasy.cat. It's a great cheat for something that is fully external. Usually external cheats on the market are very bland. This has a handful of interesting features about it. I already gave my opinion about the aimbot or humanizer. I have nothing else to add about it.

    The ESP is good for the legit play. There are ESP features that somewhat encourage blatancy, like the wallhacks. But the best part about the ESP is that there is a complete other side to it. Once side if the full blatant ESP. The other side is ESP features that are meant to not make you look blatant, but makes you better.

    The Sound ESP is an example. It teaches you how to position your crosshair. I can't thank fantasy.cat enough for being considerate for those who want to play this game serious instead of the typical pretending to be good attitude.

    The only reason why I'm not giving this a 10/10 is because most of the visuals only work in Windowed or Fullscreen Windowed mode. Which sucks for people who want to go "Blatant" ESP, but the people who want to use the "Make you Better" ESP features don't have to worry about this. The "Blatant" ESP is all stream proof though and there are a good amount of them to pick from anyway.

    Quasar (8/10) - "The Sniper God & MGE Lord":

    I played with Quasar from time to time. It's pretty good. The humanizer is imported from Astrogalaxy. It's missing a few settings though. It's nothing super important. Hopefully it's added in soon. TF2 gameplay is way faster than CSGO so you can see a small inaccuracy from time to time. It's nothing bad when you can slightly aim. If you can't aim at all (full potato), you have to work on that.

    This makes Quasar really good with competitive players because at least they know how to kinda aim. On Sniper, you become a God. I went through a few games pub stomping hard on sniper by using the triggerbot. It's crazy good. It's the same in MGE. I've beaten several high level scouts with Quasar. People were spectating people and nobody noticed anything. I felt better than I really was.

    The ESP is sometimes glitchy. It's all stream proof. There are only "Blatant ESP" features. This cheat is relatively new though. I expect more features to be added. Overall, a thumbs up.

    Community (10/10) - "Friendly and Caring":

    This is one of the only communities where I can tell the developer really cares. No pretend. No bullshit. They are always trying to make things easier and will respond to you as soon as possible. The SDK has made me realize how much they care because they aren't scared to share knowledge and teach others to code.

    The admins here even pay people who submit plugins. I will say that again. They are giving you money just for contributing to the community. That is fucking insane and awesome.

    The people in the community are funny and have very interesting conversations. This isn't a big community but when I first joined, I was reading the threads and I was laughing my ass off. It made me feel very comfortable. Everyone here is good people.

    Soooooooooooooo this is my review so far. Give me my badge!
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  2. owo

    owo SDK Contributor

    Apr 4, 2018
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    Thanks for the review!
  3. tundra1337

    tundra1337 Lifetime Member

    Nov 24, 2018
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    I agree, best legit cheat out there. Gonna make a review real soon
  4. ilovepringles

    ilovepringles Lifetime Members

    May 16, 2019
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    In my opinion, the best review so far
  5. Blackheart

    Blackheart Lifetime Members

    Mar 30, 2018
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    Thank you.
  6. vickyyy

    vickyyy fantasy.cat User

    Apr 25, 2019
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    You forgot to mention I'm the most caring. :p