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My review after few days

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Life, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Life

    Life Unluckiest person here

    Jun 28, 2018
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    I bought the cheat few days ago and i can say it's the best legit cheat you can ever use.

    1- Aimbot (Humanizer): Aimbot is cheat's main feature as they call it "humanizer". It gives u a realistic assist. It sets your humanizer config automatically as it's showed in this video.

    2- Visuals: It's very basic and useful visuals. In my opinion best feature from visuals is the feature that shows circles on them when enemy makes sound like running or jumping.(i can't really remember feature's name rn). I can't say much things about visuals more. It's pretty good.

    3- Misc: You can change ur rank, medals, level etc. There are more pretty good things you can use.
    # Skin (Inventory) Changer: It's just a skin changer but you can search skins and apply what skin u want and it's very useful.

    4- Security and other things: It has kernel protection and patchguard system. It makes the cheat more safe for VAC bans like 10 times better then other cheats. If you don't want to use that system it has another system called safe mode and you should know : The cheat hasn't detected in any VAC waves and nobody has been banned. It's cheap and if you want to try it buy 30 days for only $8,99 at selly.

    I can say in the end you should really BUY fantasy cat.