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    New Community Guidelines Added! FACEIT/LAN Humanizer RCS Update! New Configuration System! New Language Support System!

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Going to start this off by applauding typedefs' dedication to fantasy.cat in general. An amazing developer that really cares about this community and shows his dedication regularly.
Support is blazing fast and your issue will get resolved eventually, even if it's a long-term one.


Honestly, I don't have enough words to describe this cheat.
I got the idea to write this testimonial after not using the humanizer aimbot for the first time today.
Spoiler Alert: Got called out for Aimlock by both teams in high-trust global elo.

The visuals are perfect for me and customizable enough so that they fit my liking.
The humanizer does its job very well, especially if you actually configure the aim part of it correctly (with the help of Satellite).

Apart from that, I haven't actually used much else in the cheat as I didn't need it at all. Astrogalaxy is as good as it is.

Don't quote me on this but if you use the cheat for its intended purpose (legit cheating), you will definitively improve with this cheat. I know this sounds wrong, but you really will. It just happens, as I said earlier, no words to describe how.


If you're looking for a developer that cares about the community, provides the fastest support I've seen, and has in my opinion one of the best legit cheats out there for CS:GO (and other cheats in general), this is for you.
With correct usage and actual will to learn (and by this, I mean practicing too.), you will improve exponentially. One of the biggest things being your aim if you use the humanizer with the correct configuration.

Astrogalaxy is a really simple cheat, that like mentioned multiple times, you only need to configure once. (Even though I do personally mess around with visual colors quite a bit, but that's mostly from map-to-map.) As long as you follow the instructions and guides, you'll be perfectly fine.