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Review after about 3 months

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Tipom, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Tipom

    Tipom Hi I'm Computer - FACEIT CLUB

    May 10, 2018
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    First let's establish the base ground of me using FC... I bought lifetime membership straight away due to one of my friend has been using FC before me and he/she greatly recommended me (a friend whose name shall not be revealed!), and at the time Lifetime membership was relatively cheap as well (at the time of my membership it was 50 USD). So I have been in this community from Protogalaxy 1/2 (from the days when FC was mixed internal and external), but I will focus on Astrogalaxy fresh out of beta version (with few updates after that), and in this review I will also score it relative to reasonable expectation for the cheat. I also want to mention that there is essentially no differences between normal member and lifetime member at the time of writing other than private build for lans, privilege of testing beta features, dev blog and unlimited bot tokens (we go through same troubleshooting procedure, have same priority as normal member and all of the rules apply to us as well).

    Ok now that we have establish the angle I'm looking at the cheat, I shall start my review!!!

    0 = Absolute abysmal, it's like trying to run without legs
    5 = Fine, nothing really wrong but nothing really right either
    10 = Perfect, it's like if god created a paradise without the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

    Let's start with the most important aspect of cheats, the cheat itself!!!

    Aimbot/Humanizer - 9/10
    I thought of the scoring for long in this one, I wasn't sure whether I want to give it 9/10 or 10/10... So why I gave 9/10? Well before that let's start describing the aimbot, FC's aimbot is called humanizer which is the best way to describe it because it is quite different from the traditional aimbot. First it is not quite accurate, not in the sense that it purposely misses but in the sense that it requires you to also do the work. No matter how high you set your pull and fov to, if your crosshair isn't already quite close to the target's head you won't headshot with onetaps. The same goes with spraying, the first 5 - 10 bullets will be accurate but the rest will be inaccurate if you also don't counter the recoil. This is the reason why it seems so legit compared to any traditional aimbot. So instead of the "aimbot" doing all the work and CSGO becomes point and click/hold, it becomes a "boost" to your skill. Let's say you have an aim of LEM ranked player with FC's humanizer correctly configured you might as well be as good as GE ranked player without even realizing that the cheat is helping you (this will become noticeable when you turn everything off and you will realize how you're still LEM XD). So this is pretty much perfect aimbot for legit hacking/cheating.

    So then why not 10/10? I feel like it is quite hard to get the correct fov due to missing the distance multiplier. So at the moment I'm playing usually at 3/4 fov and it works really well, but at the long distance I feel like it is too much because of my style of using FC (high pull, low fov). A perfect long distance (dust2 A site to Long pit or T spawn to mid door) would be 1/2 fov, but with that low fov mid/close range would be disaster due to how you would need to aim at the spot you want already before humanizer kicks in which would give you no assist at all (not even recoil control since that only activates when humanizer activates). Something like 3/4 fov in close/mid range and 1/2 long range would be perfect.

    Wallhack visual - 10/10
    There is 2 type of wallhack visual type in FC, one that is normal glow and another is streamproof box. Both of the type works as expected with an exception of streamproof box, it lags behind the actual player by a bit. The box lags behind little bit, you will notice but it will not affect your gameplay unless you want to wallbang with 100% precision which will be in the realm of rage hack/cheat... The streamproof is working perfectly I've recorded a video showing this feature -> video. The streamproof type also has other features like health/armor bar, weapon that is currently being used and name. All in all perfect, nothing really comes into my mind that needs to be added or fixed (the box lags behind actual player is to be expected due to it being drawn on overlay and it needs to extract player info from game, relay it to FC and then draw it).

    Triggerbot - 6/10
    It feels unfair to give this low score to triggerbot since I seem to be the only one who has the problem with it... But since it is MY review, I shall base it off MY experience! The triggerbot is slow, done that's the reason for the low score... Ok ok I shall explain so it is fast if you don't move your mouse, but once you try to do flick while holding triggerbot if it shoots reliably I would have given 8/10 but for me 50% of the times it doesn't even shoot so... I had to learn to live without it... Something to add would be to make it faster and to make it not shoot immediately at the edge of player model but make an hitbox inside player model (now I'm not sure whether it is possible in external or not...)

    Chams - 9,5/10
    Well works perfect as expect of chams to work with RGB custom color, except that when team change the chams might still apply to your teammate even though it should only apply to the enemies (minor bug but bug nonetheless). It is 10/10 otherwise.

    Menu/configurator - ?/10
    Quite hard to give an score, if I would give at the current stage of thing and ignore the beta feature (FC's console) and any kind of confirmed upcoming feature, then I would give 8/10 due to not having grouped weapon to change same category weapons at the same time and the cumbersome of saving (so there is 2 save, the weapon humanizer saves and the everything else saves... Now if you think you can copy everything from one setting to another you're mistaken! Humanizer weapons settings doesn't copy... By copying I mean loading one setting then save it as another setting...) But then I know weapon group is coming which I will wholeheartedly bump the score to 9/10, but I don't know how I should score the FC's console... All in all not much relevant to the cheat once you've settled with your settings...

    Ok, so thats hack/cheat... Now let's go to something indirect to the hack/cheat

    Community - Omgosh, 10/10 love you guys <333... Ok ok I would hmm give 9/10?
    9/10 due to how I'm pretty sure if I just joined the community I would be scared shitless due to how much this community frown on the repeated questions (well... perhaps I shouldn't blame other since I was the one suggested infraction system due to annoyance of repeated questions...) but please new members believe me that it gets annoying when someone doesn't read the guide or stickies or updates properly... But the community is really friendly and helpful as long as you follow the basic community guidelines...

    Admins/staffs support - 10/10
    Typedef and M is always ready to help, I've had a problem that only I had (protogalaxy's color picker bugged for me) and out of over 200 members ONLY I HAD IT, literally lol... Special snowflake... typedef, M and me debugged it and a lot of speculation why it happens, nothing special happened before I went to sleep (typedef promised to look into it). Woke up next morning seeing message that M had reproduced the bug and typedef now knows what is causing it, which is really great. Don't know really how many minutes/hours they spent debugging it but to me personally something so unique got fixed within 24 hours and the willingness of staffs to help me is astounding...

    Ps. I warned in lifetime member's conversation that it would be a wall of text T-T but @princess didn't care
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  2. princess

    princess Botting Services Moderator - FACEIT CLUB

    Mar 20, 2018
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  3. rainbowmoof

    rainbowmoof Lifetime Members

    Mar 28, 2018
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    We love you too
  4. Gap

    Gap Lifetime Members

    Aug 12, 2018
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    I really appreciate these kinds of posts, it took me about 2 hours to set everything up but it's really something else if it''s the first time using a cheat because i had no idea what to expect, i really enjoy it so far and will 100% be posting a testemonial of it later down the road.
  5. retroxx

    retroxx fantasy.cat User

    Mar 21, 2018
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  6. Catserne

    Catserne fantasy.cat User

    Mar 30, 2018
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    The cheat sounds like so much better now. I see some of you veteran guys/girls in these threads. Miss you guys.
  7. lifeTourX

    lifeTourX fantasy.cat User

    Apr 9, 2018
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    Still military?
  8. sky

    sky sky likes elves

    Jun 3, 2018
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    I cant read that much at a time but i love you too hehawhe :)