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Shadore's review after one month of use [Moonlight CS:GO]


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Hi! I have been using moonlight for about a month now, and these are my general opinions on the cheat and the community
Well, before we start, I'd like to say that I've been cheating in games for a few years now, and 3-4 years in CS:GO, but even after all this time, Fantasy.cat has provided me quite a unique experience, not only in relation to the cheat itself but also to the community. It is also difficult to give arbitrary "points out of ten" to any given feature for said reason.

Being accepted and buying the software
You may have heard about how strict Typedef is and how easily you can get banned from the forums altogether, but this is simply not true! While it is true you could be denied or banned from the forum by doing certain things during or after the application process, if you read everything you need to read and are respectful, you're not getting banned (Hey, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I haven't been banned, all you need is respect and common sense!)
I'll leave some links here to most things you need to know before applying: FAQ | Application template.
Also, these are pretty much the most common mistakes people commit when applying, so look out for them:
  1. Being impatient: "If you do not receive a response back within 24 hours, there is a very strong chance that you were denied." Listen, if you haven't been approved within this timeframe, asking about your application will only make it 100% sure you will be denied, so just don't ask about it.
  2. Not reading enough. Please read the FAQ and the template thoroughly before applying.
  3. Not being ready to pay. Only apply if you can pay on the same day.
Aim assist - 10/10
Notice how I used the term "aim assist" instead of "aimbot", that's because the aim enhancing features Moonlight provides are unlike anything else you will find out there. The aim assist adapts to your playstyle, and will only help you if the AI notices you are actually trying to hit your shots, that's in an effort to make it so it is virtually impossible to spot the assist. Personally, I would feel completely comfortable streaming in a tournament with Fantasy (Yes, if you're streaming, it is safe to say no one will ever spot your aim assist).
Now, talking about how much the humanizer (or aim assist, same difference) will improve your gameplay: A lot, but not instantly. By "not instantly" I mean that it will be somewhat hard to notice the assistance at first since it is very subtle, but, with time, you will start to feel like you're getting better at CS:GO at a much, much faster rate than before, and you will also notice how good and smooth the assist really is.

Visuals - 5/10
Well, if you are the kind of person who likes to have reflective chams and stuff like this, you're not going to find a lot of options here. The point of Fantasy.cat is to provide closet cheats, not legit cheats, therefore, so you shouldn't even be using walls in the first place.

Ease of use - 6/10
Yeah, you might find some difficulties while using the software, but you can easily find solutions on the forums. I'll list some of the most common things you might encounter:
  1. "Cheat update available" Just unzip your "lastest.zip" file and replace all your previous files with its contents.​
  2. "I'm pressing Shift+F11 but nothing happens" While this could be a variety of things, you probably just have to run Steam as administrator​
SDK - 8/10
Well, I don't have much coding experience to give a good insight into the SDK system, but what I do know is that you can find all the plugins (Luas) you might need on this forum, tho be careful, some plugins might increase the chances of getting banned, be it by overwatch or a possible feature detection.
Another thing about the Luas is that actually installing them is a bit finicky, but you get used to it after a bit.

Community and admins - 10/10
From reading other reviews, you might have noticed how everyone mentions that the community is very friendly, and that's true! I've only had good experiences with everyone here, even tho I'm not super active on the forums, I lurk a lot, and can confirm that Typedef really does help everyone out and it's not at all a bad admin, as some people might suggest (100% of the people who say they have been banned for nothing have broken a clearly stated rule, be it not having the money to pay for the software ready, spamming their application with questions about whether they have been accepted or not or something else).

In conclusion, Fantasy.cat is a closet cheating solution for streaming and high-level players, with a tightly-knit and helpful community, thanks for your time.