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Getting Started

This version of the SDK is always downloaded by Astrogalaxy when you have a plugin set to be installed. This is for advanced users only. To install a plugin, go to the Members Panel and type the following command:


You will notice a list of plugins and language packs submitted by members of the community. By pressing the arrow next to the plugin name, you will make Astrogalaxy install the plugin in the next launch.

Due to Astrogalaxy installing your plugin, the latest version of the SDK is downloaded. The SDK features the following files:

  • fantasy.sdk.dll -The latest version of the SDK.
  • fantasy.sdk.lib - The library file for the latest version. This is only for C++ users.
  • fantasy.sdk.hpp - The header file to include in your project.
  • fantasy.sdk.directx.hpp - An optional header file that is designed for internal plugins.

Link the library file to your project and add the include files to your project. To test your plugin, make sure your cheat is linked and running in the background.

Keep in mind that Astrogalaxy's SDK is no longer managed and the code previewed below may be outdated for years now.