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Getting Started


Constellation is the latest and modern software that supports CS:GO, TF2, CSS and Dota 2. The developer tools are automatically downloaded when you run Constellation.

Since the menu and configuration is a Web GUI. It also grants many other opportunities. With Constellation, you are able to use any web language to appease your development.

The file that contains the SDK is


This file is obfuscated. However is very easy to use as there are provided examples everywhere in the constellation/gui folder.

First Script

To get started, simply create a new web document, whether that be .html or .php or whatever in your constellation/gui folder. Then be sure to include the following in your <head></head> element.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="js/fantasy.constellation.js"></script>

Like so:

        fantasy.constellation Test
        <!-- script includes -->
        <script src=""></script>
        <script src="js/fantasy.constellation.js"></script>



Simply open the new file you created in your browser and that's it.

Web Server (Optional)

You can setup a web server if you would like to use PHP or any other language that would require additional services. You can setup a server simply to use the Web GUI or your scripts on your mobile device, or IPad or anything connected to your local network! This is only optional.

Thanks to UpperStar on the forum, he has created a Python script that starts a web server for Constellation.


This will start a web server which you can close at any moment.