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Getting Started


Constellation is the latest and modern software that supports CS:GO, TF2, CSS and Dota 2. The developer tools are automatically downloaded when you run Constellation.

Since the menu and configuration is a Web GUI. It also grants many other opportunities. With Constellation, you are able to use any web language to appease your development. Not only is there web development support, but you can also work directly with the software by using the Lua module. You will be able to create your own features OR make your own kernel protected cheats.

The file that contains the Web SDK is


This file is obfuscated. However is very easy to use as there are provided examples everywhere in the constellation/gui folder.

Lua Scripts

Constellation's Lua module is more detailed than the Web SDK. These scripts directly intercept and interact with Constellation. You will have more access to functions and events. To begin developing scripts, you must create the folder scripts inside of your constellation folder.

You must then create the following folders inside of constellation\scripts\

  • core
  • disabled
  • lib

core contains the scripts that will start BEFORE Constellation calibrated with an officially supported game (CS:GO/TF2/CSS/Dota 2). Scripts inside the core folder are allowed to execute code without the need for an officially supported game to be open. This grants an opportunity to either make your own cheats or modify Constellation before it finds a game.

disabled contains scripts that are optional for usage. Most scripts will have a forum thread associated with it. The forum thread will describe the usage of the script. If you have a script in disabled, it will not run. Before Constellation is started, moving a script from this folder to constellation\scripts will make it execute after you have calibrated your game. If you move a script to constellation\scripts\core it will make the script start before calibration. Scripts should only be moved to core if it is directed for it to do so.

lib contains library scripts that are useful for developers. Documentation for these library scripts are found on their related forum thread. Scripts inside this folder should NEVER be moved outside of it.

First Script (Web)

To get started, simply create a new web document, whether that be .html or .php or whatever in your constellation/gui folder. Then be sure to include the following in your <head></head> element.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="js/fantasy.constellation.js"></script>

Like so:

        fantasy.constellation Test
        <!-- script includes -->
        <script src=""></script>
        <script src="js/fantasy.constellation.js"></script>



Simply open the new file you created in your browser and that's it.

First Script (Lua)

To get started, simply make a .lua file inside of constellation\scripts\. The name of your script must contain no special characters or spaces. Since this is your first time and you will obviously want to have debug messages to see where you went wrong, drag console.lua from constellation\scripts\disabled to constellation\scripts\core. If this is done correctly, next time you start Constellation a console box will appear. You can also press Reload Scripts on menu.html to reload all your scripts instead of constantly restarting Constellation to see if your script works or if changes were made.

Moving on... Let's say I create a script called example.lua. This base/foundation is required for all Lua scripts:

local example =


return example

The table example is also returned at the end of the script. The table name MUST be the same name as the Lua file. Therefore if you named your script apple.lua, the table should be called apple.

From here, you can look at the documentation and figure it out or we can build a simple Hello World script. This Hello World script will say "Hello World" once the script is loaded. The callback Initialize( number [game_id] ) is always triggered when a script is loaded. Therefore:

local example =


function example.Initialize( game_id ) 


return example

The parameter game_id will be ignored for this example. To understand the usage, see the documentation for Initialize. To display our "Hello World", we will use the function constellation.log( string [message] ).

local example =


function example.Initialize( game_id ) 
    constellation.log( "Hello World!" )

return example

If you look inside of constellation\log.txt or your console box, you will notice "Hello World".

Creating Cheats

Constellation's Lua module allows developers to not only make their own features, but they can also make their own cheats using the memory functions. All memory functions are kernel protected. Mouse simulation is also kernel protected. See Snippets & Examples.

Web Server (Optional)

You can setup a web server if you would like to use PHP or any other language that would require additional services. You can setup a server simply to use the Web GUI or your scripts on your mobile device, or IPad or anything connected to your local network! This is only optional.

Thanks to UpperStar on the forum, he has created a Python script that starts a web server for Constellation.


This will start a web server which you can close at any moment.