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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for the FAQ about the community and NOT the developer side of, look here.

Do we get rewarded for making scripts/plugins?

  • Yes! Whenever someone contributes an innovative script/plugin. They are either offered $5 equated of BTC/ETH (per submission) or a free invite token to invite anyone into for 50% off!

Will I get help if I'm new to developing?

  • Always. I'm not selfish with knowledge by any means. There are people in who became motivated to learn more about programming because they were comforted during the learning process. I essentially give free coding lessons and then pay you for your contribution after. I don't see how you can lose in this situation.

How many scripts/plugins are available?

  • We have a very tight and conserved community. Don't expect to see pages upon pages of community scripts and plugins. The community always shows huge gratitude to anybody who contributes any piece of work.

I want to make a script that isn't closet. That okay?

  • It will be difficult for you to pull that off with Constellation. In terms of politics, the community will likely frown upon the contribution. If you want to legit cheat, you will not find it here.

Can I contribute tools or anything of such?

  • Yes. For example: There are several Python scripts contributed by members that benefit the community. The Web API also allows you to make tools irrelevant to Constellation or Parallatic.